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Every day, Walsh & Monaghan partners with a broad range of clients across NSW. Our unrivalled knowledge and experience, together with a deep commitment to delivering personal service and fine attention to detail, sees us provide fair and ethical valuation services to homeowners, small business owners and large corporations.


Property has always been one of our core areas of expertise at Walsh & Monaghan. Regional New South Wales is our passion, with our Valuers regularly visiting clients across the South Coast, Illawarra, Southern Highlands and Greater Sydney. Further afield, larger projects can also be accommodated along the entire eastern seaboard as and when required.

Childcare Valuation


Early childhood is a highly specialised area. Our Valuers use their deep understanding of the sector to provide independent market valuations and rental assessments for both public and private childcare facilities. Childcare Centres can be “Freehold Going Concern” (Property and Business), “Lessees Interest” (Business only or “Lessors Interest” (Property only).


Backed by in-depth knowledge of the corporate sector, we offer an extensive range of commercial valuation services. These include rental reviews, market valuations, fair value and valuations for taxation, self-managed superannuation, legal, financial reporting and mortgage lending purposes.

Commercial Valuation
Construction Valuation


This is another area where we have many decades of expertise. Our Valuers offer a wide range of specialised valuation services for industrial property assets, including independent rental assessments and determinations.

Whether you’re selling your home, purchasing a new one, or looking to secure an investment property, we specialise in providing reliable residential valuations. These can be used for a range of purposes including insurance requirements, property settlement matters, sales and refinancing needs, or superannuation administration.
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Retail Valuation


In the fast-paced world of retail, you need valuation expertise you can rely on. From fair and reliable rental reviews to financial reporting and taxation valuations, we offer an extensive range of services for retail property assets.


Rural valuations are often complex, with many variables to be considered. As a regionally-based business ourselves, we bring generations of experience in valuing rural property and primary production enterprises, including large-scale dairy farms and rural residential holdings.

Rural Valuation
Tourism Valuation


Based in the heart of NSW’s pristine South Coast, we understand the tourism sector better than most. Every year we provide a range of valuation services to major tourism properties including ‘going concern’, freehold and leasehold valuations of caravan parks, motels and other tourism/accommodation enterprises. We also provide rental advice to tourism ventures on both private holdings and crown land.


At Walsh & Monaghan we take great pride in the breadth and quality of our residential, commercial and specialist valuation services. All of our Valuers are API or RICS accredited. Several are also qualified to offer highly specialised valuation services and appear as expert witnesses in numerous jurisdictions. Our most commonly-requested valuation services are listed below. For more information, or to discuss your individual requirements, please contact us.

Infrastructure Valuation

Acquisition / Compensation

Property acquisitions and the related compensation assessments can be complex, requiring high levels of detail and legislative understanding. Our Valuers are specialists in providing independent valuations for total and partial compulsory acquisitions. We have extensive experience in applying the Land Acquisition (Just Terms Compensation) Act (1991).

Asset Reporting

Reliable asset reporting can be essential for both accounting and legislative purposes. Our Valuers are highly experienced in providing reliable and independent asset valuation services to corporate and institutional bodies along with small business.
Asset Reporting
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Capital Gains Tax

Large or small. Current or retrospective. Our Valuers have extensive experience in providing capital gains tax valuations across all classes of property.


Total professionalism. Complete sensitivity. Our Valuers are aware of the delicate nature of estate assessments and provide timely estate valuations in line with executor’s requests for taxation, estate management and settlement purposes.
Wills and Estate Planning
Expert Witness Testimonial

Expert Witness

Several of our most senior Valuers have experience in providing expert testimonies across a range of litigation proceedings. This includes court appearances and arbitration.

Family Law / Dispute Resolution

Another area requiring sensitivity and discretion, our Valuers are able to provide complete family law and dispute resolution valuation services. This includes appearing as an expert witness in the relevant court where necessary. These services can be provided on a single or joint appointment basis.

Family Law Discussions
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For many years, our Valuers have been engaged by major banks and secondary lending institutions to deliver market value assessments, especially in relation to first mortgage lending.

Going Concern

Our Valuers are highly experienced in providing ‘going concern’ assessments across a variety of sectors. These include childcare, tourism and services-based businesses.
Business Going Concern
Rating and Tax Valuations

Rating And Taxation

We provide rating and taxing valuations to the NSW Office of the Valuer General from Sydney to the Victorian Border.

Sales / Purchase Negotiations

Establishing the independent market value for a property or business is important for many reasons. With many years of expertise, our Valuers will provide you with a reliable assessment that can assist in setting a realistic asking price, auction reserve or for aiding in negotiations between vendors and purchasers.
Real Estate Agent
Couple discussing stamp duty

Stamp Duty

Valuations are required when transferring property or assets between related parties. Our Valuers are highly experienced in valuing all classes of property for assessing stamp duty liability.


Whether it’s for regulatory or accounting purposes, or a combination of both, our Valuers are experts at providing valuations across investment class assets and property held in both self-managed and corporate superannuation funds.
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